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Hello! I'm Danyell (pronounced like Daniel) and I live in the San Francisco Bay area.


In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, friends and my lovely fianceé Amy. I also enjoy eating and cooking (Amy & I are foodies), camping, hiking, snowboarding, sports, photography, traveling, yoga and just about anything and everything that has to do with music. I enjoy DJing (sometimes for my yoga studio as pictured below), playing drums, playing the guitar and going to see live music. Oh, and I love Star Trek...


I am an Internet Engineer with over 15 years of experience building web-based software from the design phase to final deployment and beyond. My focus in recent years has been on PHP / MySQL development in Laravel and WordPress, using standards-compliant (PSR) coding. I'm a big fan of APIs, documentation and efficiency.

My skill set is quite varied and includes expertise in all of these areas:

I'm not an man - I've never owned a Mac or iPhone. Sorry. (Not sorry) So I don't know much about iOS. I get around fine in and though. And I also know about:

  • Implementing front-end layouts in HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery
  • Using industry-standard tools to test, debug and improve user experiences
  • Utilizing OO programming for various back-end administrative tools & data manipulation
  • Identify and correct issues and fully support applications built by myself and/or other developers

Overall, I am a well-rounded developer with a vast knowledge of web development practices and a passion for advancing my knowledge in the field to provide only the highest quality software.

I am also active in several San Francisco Bay Area Meetup groups including Laravel SF, San Francisco WooCommerce Meetup & Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups.

With Taylor Otwell, creator of Laravel, and the Laravel SF crew


The career path that brought me from the "anything related to computers guy" in an office of 6 people to a senior engineer for international companies.

from 2015 to 2016

Absolute Performance, Inc

Senior Software Engineer

In 2015, API was contracted by SharpShooter Imaging to take over all aspects of the IT department, including the software development team. They subsequently hired me to assist in the transition of knowledge and to complete development of the custom payroll system I built for SSI. I worked entirely remotely in this full time position.

  • Provided several upgrades and new features to the payroll platform
  • Provided ongoing support and training for users of the payroll platform
  • Recommendation from the CTO available here
from 2013 to 2015

SharpShooter Imaging

Software Developer

I worked for this photography company based out of Wheat Ridge, Colorado for 2 years.

  • Lead developer of new back end administrative tools
  • Created an entirely new payroll platform which provides commission calculations, data analysis / insight into hundreds of photographer’s sales for 13 ski venues and report generation for use with ADP payroll processing
  • Created an entirely new affiliate/partner portal for use by Major League Baseball (MLB) for baseball game photography. While many of the tools are custom designed for MLB, the portal itself is designed such that it can be used for multiple vendors and partners
  • Also support and enhance legacy codebase and tools
from 2011 to 2013


Senior Software Engineer

Prior to working at SharpShooter, I was employed by this innovative media company based in Highlands Ranch, CO. While I enjoyed working here, I decided to resign my position at Broadnet to seek out an opportunity more suited to my employment & lifestyle needs.

  • Senior developer focusing on new development, providing administrative tools and interfaces, custom web services, software/server maintenance scripts and other technologies as necessary
  • Specialization in back-end tools for administration of call events by call support personnel, management of partner/client records and management / configuration of multiple servers running the application in various customized implementations
  • Handle all aspects of development including requirements identification, object/database design and implementation, user interface design and build out and support of software after release
  • One of only three developers on staff providing development, maintenance and support of code
from 2008 to 2010

Reed Business Information

PHP Developer IV

When I started at RBI, they owned around 30 industry-specific magazines. My primary role was to build custom back-end tools into an existing CMS used to manage the web presence of all the periodicals. Management eventually recognized the print media demise was underway and sold off all but one magazine & subsequently laid off the development team.

  • Worked on a team of developers to support and enhance a proprietary CMS based on Nstein’s WCM software, which we called NWP
  • Developed new functionality including requirements gathering, writing approaches, end-user documentation, user training and writing test cases for QA assessment
  • Closed hundreds of support tickets by communicating with end-users, coordinating with other developers and implementing the most effective correction to the issues
  • Aided in the migration efforts of approximately 26 sites from eLogic platform to NWP by developing solutions for functional discrepancies and providing support during changeovers
  • Managed the process of migrating RBI’s largest publication,, from eLogic to NWP, including needs assessment, discussion with project managers regarding functional changes or enhancements and creating development project maps and timelines for migrations
  • In a development team with a high rate of turnover and many contractors, my team leader and I were the longest tenured employees of any developers until the layoffs forced our departure
from 2007 to 2008

HandleBiz Web Solutions

Sole Proprietor

My first foray into freelance contract development. I roped in enough clients to survive, but realized that I'm not a very good salesman and decided to re-enter the corporate world.

  • Contractor for PHP software development (Weaver Multimedia, 5280 Innovations, etc.)
  • Freelance development of dynamic websites in HTML, PHP / MySQL, AJAX / JavaScript
  • Managed hosting of many clients, offering updates through a proprietary CMS I built from scratch
from 2005 to 2007

Digital Assets Inc.

Web Application Developer

This was a small web development shop in Littleton, Colorado that afforded me the opportunity to really dig into PHP/MySQL for the first time in a work environment.

  • One of only two developers on staff, and we handled all aspects of website development
  • Converted Photoshop documents depicting design to standards-compliant XHTML/CSS implementations
  • PHP/MySQL development of back-end administrative tools
from 2003 to 2004

Ski Country Resorts and Sports

IT Manager

I moved to Breckenridge after graduating from CSU to do a little snowboarding before plunging into the work force. As tiny a town as Breck is, I figured I would just have to tune skis and boards but I stumbled into this job instead.

  • Handled all aspects of computer maintenance including hardware & software installation and upgrades, web development and user support
  • Collaborated with previous designers to enhance website usability and functionality
  • Shot digital photographs and edited for web and print publishing
from 2000 to 2003

Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program (CEPEP) at Colorado State University

IT Technician / Web Developer

I started working this job before I began school at CSU and worked there until I left. It allowed me to do some Cold Fusion development and general web development while studying to get my Computer Science degree.

  • Handled all aspects of computer maintenance including hardware & software installation and upgrades, web development and user support
  • Completed remodel of CEPEP website, updating and maintaining 300+ web pages
  • Created and maintained a website for Rocky Mountain Agri-Business Association


from 2000 to 2003

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO

Bachelor of Computer Science

Moving to Fort Collins to attend CSU was a great experience for me. I learned the bulk of my programming knowledge here and also met some of my best friends.

  • Computer Science Club
  • Association for Computer Machinery
from 1997 to 1999

University of Tennessee

Knoxville, TN

All of my friends from Nashville were going to UTK and at 17 years old, you better believe I was going there too. This is where I first met Peyton Manning.


I have been known to do a little bit of everything in the development arena. Below are some of my primary skills and how I would rate myself on them.

Key Skills


Languanges, CMSs and Frameworks

PHP5 JavaScript HTML5 CSS3
Laravel Bootstrap Vue.js jQuery
WordPress Drupal OctoberCMS


I reported to Tom during my time at Reed Business Information where he acted as the Sr. Director of Web Development

Tom Cooper

Director, Regional Application Delivery at Kaiser Permanente

Danyell was a member of RBI's Web Team that enhanced and maintained the content management and publishing system which supported over 25 corporate web sites. As a member of the team Danyell performed several roles to successfully launch and maintain each corporate site. He performed as php developer, system analyst, support, and lead developer. In each of these roles Danyell worked closely with information technology, business subject matter experts, and project managers to successfully complete each of his assignments.

Danyell has a passion for web design and usability. He continually looked for ways to exceed users expectations with each delivery of functionality. Danyell will be a good addition to any team that he is a member.

Contact Information

me @ {the domain you are currently viewing}
330 333 1179

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